S Masood Hussain,
Director General,
National Water Development Agency (NWDA),
Ministry of Water Resources
It’s Time We Realised the Significance of Optimal Conversation & Efficient Use of Water Resources
Water is fundamental to life. The rivers that carry the waters are lifelines for overall growth of any nation. The water hence is to be conserved and harnessed sustainably. The question of maintaining sustainability of water is not only concerned with its quantity of availability with respect to time and space but also the measures that are to be taken for ensuring its quality, equitable distribution and efficient utilisation. In an exclusive email interview with Chemical Engineering World, S Masood Husain, Director General, National Water Development Agency (NWDA), Ministry of Water Resources, says that with the growing population and rising needs, the water availability in India will be under stress when considering its supply-demand scenarios, if appropriate measures including linking of rivers are not adopted timely in a phased and consultative manner.

Lead Feature
A New Dawn in Waiting for Water Treatment Chemicals

Tushar Jhaveri,
CEO, Vasu Chemicals
The Market with Manifold Opportunities

Dr Raman Ramachandran,
Head, South Asia and Chairman,
Think Global &
Act Local

Vinod Saraf,
MD, Vinati Organics Ltd
Technical Article
Protecting Integrity of Fired Heaters
- Richard D Roberts, Quest Integrity Group,
Ashish Khera, Allied Engineers

In order to eliminate the chance of any human fatalities or injury in a plant, it is of utmost importance to maintain integrity of assets. This article highlights significance of Asset Integrity Management (AIM) programmes for fired heaters by leveraging Advanced Intelligent Pigging Inspection and Fitness-for-Service Software Technologies

Industry Insights
Common Facility Centre to Boost R&D in Chemicals in Gujarat

Gujarat Chemical Association (GCA) has planned to set up a Common Facility Centre (CFC) in Ahmedabad for R&D in chemical clusters. According to experts, the facility is likely to increase the chemical production capacities of Gujarat, where research and development in chemicals account for more than 50 per cent of the industrial production.

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