Gerhard Sallinger,
President, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine
Intergraph has built a strong tradition as an industry leader worldwide. Owner operators are a central part of Intergraph's growth strategy. Chemical Engineering World recently met with Gerhard Sallinger, president of Intergraph Process, Power & Marine, to discuss how Intergraph's solutions are meeting the needs of owner operators.

How has Intergraph's share of the owner operator market grown in relation to the growth of its owner operator solutions?
Gerhard Sallinger: Over the last couple of years, we have steadily grown the owner share of our business compared to the EPC side. What is new and what is leading to the exceptional growth we have in the owner space is the management of technical data. Owners in the past were looking for document management. The most they wanted was just to manage that sort of data. For many years, there have been vendors in the market that develop and market document management systems. Intergraph could do that as well, but our system is not focused on document management.

Years ago, most people didn't care or didn't understand the value of data, but this has changed, it has changed because of us.

We are basically evangelizing the industry to spread the word that, "It's not only the document, but the data behind it that is the value." Thankfully , more companies understand that and see the value.

Speaking of the future, what's going to happen in the BRIC countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China?
GS: We are doing quite well in those regions. This trend will continue. The percentage of revenue coming from those countries will increase over the next couple of years.

What do you think are the key reasons for Intergraph’s success?
GS: Our customers recognize our commitment to them, and they trust us. This trust, along with the leading-edge solutions we offer, are key elements of our success.

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