Indian Oil & Gas Industry: Process Optimization in Logistics Operations

Indrajit Singh
General Manager – Ports and
Logistics Envision Enterprise Solutions

Manufacturing in the Face of Disruption: Role of Industry 4.0 & Innovation

Rajiv Kumar
QLeap Academy
Pune, India

Dr Aravind Chinchure
QLeap Academy
Pune, India

Role of Digitalization in Achieving Process Efficiency

Mr. Reginaldo D’Souza
AVP and Head, Sales & Marketing
Godrej Process Equipment

A Three Phase Strategy for Successful Digital Transformation

Mr. Adrian Park
Vice President - Pre-Sales EMIA
Hexagon’s PPM Division

Impact of Union Budget on Chemical Industry

Dr. Haritosh Mishra
General Manager(R & D)
Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd

Seamless Fluoropolymer Linings offer Sustainable Solution to Resist Corrosion

Narendra Thakkar
Expert - Fluoropolymers
Corrosion Management

Correct Process Configuration: Pivotal to Energy Optimization and Conservation

Jinal Sevak
Sr Executive Engineer
Systems Engineering
Linde Engineering India

Process Set -up Revisit and Realignment: Reap the Benefits

P.C. Srinivasan
GM Technical
Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited

Rohit Shukla
DM-Technical Services
Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited

Better Carbon Footprint Surety & Project Execution Plan Formulation with Cost Based Analysis

Sugata Bandyopadhyay
Engineering Manager (AIM)
Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd

Moumita Deb
Assistant Manager (Civil)
Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd

Future Proof Your Assets with Digital Twinning

Ron Beck
Marketing Strategy Director
Aspen Technology Inc.

Sunil Patil
Solutions Consulting Director
Aspen Technology Inc.

Cyber Security: Its Importance and Impact on Industrial Control Systems

K Jayaprakash
Discipline Head (C & I)
Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd

Industry 4.0 and Water Infrastructure Management

Ashish Mathur
Advisor, Public Sector Advisory
Grant Thornton India LLP, Noida, India

Mridul R. Singh
Manager, Public Sector Advisory
Grant Thornton India LLP, Noida, India

Integration of Circular Economy into Business Strategy

Sudhir Shenoy
Country President and CEO
Dow Chemical India Pvt Ltd

Circular Economy: Now Becoming a Necessity

Neelanjan Banerjee
Vice Chairman and Managing Director
LANXESS India Pvt Ltd

Building a Circular Biorefinery

Shri Samir S Somaiya
Chairman & Managing Director
Godavari Biorefineries Ltd

Sustainable De-carbonization through Bio-mobility

Pramod Chaudhari
Founder and Executive Chairman
Praj Industries Limited

Adapting to Circular Economy: a Path to Sustainability for Chemical Industry

Haritosh Mishra
General Manager, Research and Development
Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd

New Development in Flexible Plastic Packaging

Prateeksha Kaul
Research Analyst, Visionary Science Practice,
Frost & Sullivan

Innovation and Cooperation Bring Sustainable Water Supply to Rural Kenya

Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd
(Grundfos India)

Digitally Enabled Process Safety Management for Chemical Plants

Manoviram Rath & Rajesh Thilak
L & T Technology Services Limited,
Vadodara India

Digital Transformation: a Sustainability Enabler

Dr Paige Marie Morse
Chemical Industry Marketing Director
Aspen Technology

Role of Digitization in Smart Water Management

Xylem Water Solutions India Pvt Ltd - Bengaluru

pH Correction of Cooling Water & Effluent Water: Comparison between Lime and Caustic Soda

Atul Krishna Sahoo and Rajat Palkar

BPMARRK®: Real-time Crude Oil Assay for Monitoring & Optimization of Crude Distillation Units

Sanjay Bhargava
Executive Director (R & D)
Corporate R & D Centre,
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Ravi Kumar Voolapalli
General Manager
Corporate R & D Centre,
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Rajeev Kumar
Chief Manager (R & D)
Corporate R & D Centre,
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Mohammad Muzaffar Ahsan
Senior Manager (R & D)
Corporate R & D Centre,
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Prashant Parihar
Senior Manager (R & D)
Product & Application Development Centre,
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Mathew John
Senior Manager (R& D)
Corporate R & D Centre,
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Srinivasareddy Palle
Senior Research Engineer (R& D)
Corporate R & D Centre,
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

How to Determine the Fire Case PSV Relieving Temperature

Lokesh Kumar Singh
BEng CEng MIChemE, Lead Process Engineer
China Petroleum Abu Dhabi

Challenges in Engineering and Fabrication of Combination Units with Double Side Metal Lined Intermediate Dished Heads.

Somnath Bhattacharya
Mechanical Engineering,
Fluor Daniel India Pvt Ltd

Industry Reacts to Change in Corporate Tax

Digital Transformation of Chemical Manufacturing Plants

Amit Paithankar
Vice President Sales, Final Control Asia Pacific

Vacuum Pump Reinforces Reliability, Performance, and Consumption Efficiency

Shruti Tawte
Vacuum Drying Technology India LLP
B- 102, Shubh Sarita, Appasaheb Sidhaye Marg,
Shrikrishana Nagar, Borivali (East),
Mumbai : 400 066. India.

Digitalization - The Future of Valves and Valve Manufacture

Mohandas Sugumar
Deputy General Manager for New Product
Developments and R & D
L & T Valves, India

Yaser Ahmed Palikonda LatheefDigital Initiatives coordinator - Coimbatore Plant
L & T Valves, India

Four Reasons to Choose AODD Pumps for Chemical Processes

Erik Solfelt,
Wilden, USA

BASF Landmark Project in association with NMMC
Integration of Social Business Model with Safe Drinking Water Supply and Affordable Sanitation Facilities

Masooma Pathre
Deputy General Manager
New Business Development

Urban Water Issues, Approach to Sustainable Solution, and Smart Water Management

By Jayati Mukherjee

Corrosion Problem in Water and Wastewater Treatment

Prof A S Khanna
IIT Bombay (Retd)
Chairman SSPC India

Homogenization in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Krishna Kumar
Deputy Manager of Technical Support,
Grundfos India.

Zero Liquid Discharge Concept and a Few Business Cases

Mr. Ajay Popat
Ion Exchange India Limited

How Smart Wastewater Management leads to Urban Sustainability

Alexandra Serra
Aguas de Portugal Internacional
(Executive Board Member)

António Frazão
Águas do Tejo Atlântico

Pedro Póvoa
Águas do Tejo Atlântico
(Asset Management Department Director)

Aeration and Mixing Brought Hussain Sagar Lake's Ecosystem Back to Life

Toufiq Mirza Baig
Marketing Manager
Eurotek Environmental Pvt Ltd

Evaluation of Batch Vs Continuous Ammoniacal Nitrogen Stripping

Arvind Madalgi
AGM Process Engineering,
Coromandel International Ltd, Sarigam.

Samarpita Chakraborty
Asst. Manager Process Engineering
Coromandel International Ltd, Sarigam.

Small-Scale CO from CO2 using Electrolysis

Chetan Mittal
Technology Scouting Manager
Halder Topsoe

Casper Hadsbjerg
Business Director, eCOs solutions
Halder Topsoe

Peter Blennow
Principal Research Engineer
Halder Topsoe

Nitrogen Tri -Chloride: The Explosive Contaminant

V K Kapur
Chloro-Alkali Consultant,

Pipeline Corrosion

Prof (Dr) A S KhannaIIT Bombay(Retd.), and Chairman,
The Society for Surface Protective Coatings - India

Union Budget 2019-20: A Frost & Sullivan Perspective

Krishanu BanerjeeConsultant, Public Sector Practice
Frost & Sullivan

Union Budget 2019-20: Reaction of Industry Stalwarts

Digital Transformation across EPC Functional Value Chain
A CHEMTECH EPC World 2019 Conference Throwback

By Jayati Mukherjee

Digital Transformation Making the Chemical Processes Smart

Anil BhatiaVice President & Managing Director
Emerson Automation Solutions, India

Digitalization: the Way Ahead for Chemical Industry

Mr. P L PalaniswamyDirector
Danfoss Drives, Danfoss India

Ease of Doing Business

Indian Chemical & Petrochemical Industry: Multiple Growth Avenues and Revenue Streams

Krishanu BanerjeeConsultant, Public Sector Practice
Frost & Sullivan

CHEMTECH Specialty Chemicals 2019 Conference Throwback: Ideas, Moments, and Glimpses


Building an Innovation Ecosystem in the Chemicals sector through Successful Industry -Academia Partnerships

Dr Rahul NabarAdj. Assoc. Professor,
Dept. of Chemical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay

Double Tubesheet Heat Exchangers - Necessity and Challenges

Purushottam M Misal

An anti -fouling and corrosion resistant ceramic coating for heat exchanger tubes


Proper Design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Atul Choudhari
General Manager
TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd

Water in Oil Meter and Oil in Water Meter Analysers

Sunil P Agarwal
Senior General Manager
(Instrumentation & Controls)
TATA Consulting Engineers

Abhinav Prasad
(Instrumentation & Controls)
TATA Consulting Engineers

Chemical Characterisation in the Safe Handling of Acids and Caustics

Richard W. Prugh
Principal Process Safety
Specialist Chilworth Technology

Jitendra Kumar
Senior Process Safety
Specialist Chilworth Technology

Vacuum technology in the chemical industry

Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH
Headquarters · Germany
T +49 6441 802-0

Are M & As Shaping the New Road Map for Chemical Industry?

Viejay Bhatia
AVA Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

Challenges in Setting Up ETP For Refineries

Satya Narayana Y V V
SFC Environmental
Technologies Pvt Ltd

Mapping the Way to Controlling Nuisance Noise

Arne Berndt
Owner & Adviser at SoundPLAN
GmbH and SoundPLAN
International LLC

MWH Global Water Recycling Plant Design Eases Water Consumption by 60 PerCent

Aidan Mercer
Industry Marketing Director
Utilities and Government,
Bentley Systems

How Engineering Software Can Help

Philippe Marceau,
Executive Vice President
Hexagon PPM EMIA

Interface Challenges…A Contractor's Perspective

Arpan Shah
Mott MacDonald Industry Account Leader

Vacuum Ejector System - A Process Engineer's Perspective

Sandeep Kadam
Assistant Manager
Process and SAE
Aker Solutions

Dynyaneshwar Kinhalkar
Assistant Manager
Process and SAE
Aker Solutions

Pankaj Motharkar
Assistant Manager
Process and SAE
Aker Solutions

Mithu Saha
Process and SAE
Aker Solutions

Combating the Effects of Corrosion in Refineries with Duplex Stainless Steels

Mohan Gawande
Manager, Chemical Group
Sandvik Materials Technology

Pollution Control Techniques in Refinery and Downstream Petrochemical Plants

Ajay Popat
President – Technology
Corporate Marketing and
Corporate Diversification
Ion Exchange (India) Limited

Challenges in Setting Up ETP For Refineries

Satya Narayana Y V V
SFC Environmental
Technologies Pvt Ltd

Minimal Liquid Discharge: Adopting A 'Less Is More' Mindset

Fei Wu
Regional Marketing Manager- RO/NF
Dow Water & Process Solutions

Vacuum technology in the chemical industry

Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH
Headquarters · Germany

More Than One Valve Or Pump Choice for Every Application

Todd Loudin
President/CEO North American
Flowrox, Inc

Selection of Correct Non Return Valve in a Piping System for Larger Benefits

Mr. Dinesh UpadhyaySales Director- India
CRANE ChemPharma & Energy
Flow Solutions, India

Sizing and Selecting the Proper Metering Pump

Tom O'DonnellDirector - Business Development
Neptune Chemical Pump Company & PSG

Ravi Prasad
Director of Sales
PSG India

Study on realizing profitability in the downstream industry

Pranjal Kumar PhukanD.Litt. (Hons), M.I.E, F.I.P.E, M.I.I.E
Supply Chain Analyst
Dibrugarh, Assam, India

The Driving Forces of the "Global Green Chelate Market"

Viejay BhatiaDirector
AVA Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

How to boost column performance with the right random packings

Mr. Vinit KaleManager Sales
Sulzer Chemtech Bahrain

Collaborative Process Automation System (CPAS) for Operational Excellence

Dick HillVP & GM Manager, Advisory Services
ARC Advisory Group

Thermodynamics and Energetics

Anirban RoyAssistant Professor, Department of Chemical
Engineering, BITS Pilani Goa

Shubham LanjewarHigher Degree (M.E.) Student, Department of
Chemical Engineering, BITS Pilani Goa

Ridhish KumarFirst Degree (B.E.) Student, Department of
Chemical Engineering, BITS Pilani Goa

Anupam MukherjeePh.D student, Department of Chemical
Engineering, BITS Pilani Goa

Smart Manufacturing: a Milestone for Industry

Rajesh AngadiProgram Manager at Cisco Systems related
to Data Science, IoT, Big Data Analytics and
Agile Product Development
Cisco Systems

Gansons Limited

Ashis Banerjee
Managing Director

Cable and Connectivity Solutions for Automation in Chemical Industries

Mr. Marc Jarrault
Managing Director
Lapp India Pvt. Ltd .

Fluid Motion Control

Rupam Dutta
Senior Manager (Chemical)

Tribeni Deka
Manager (Chemical)

Bednidhi Sharma
Deputy Manager (Chemical)


Discipline Head – C & I
TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd

Design of Experiments Helps Develop New Specialty Chemical Product

Kip Howard
Coatings Technical Service Manager - The
Americas Region
Chromaflo Technologies, Corp

Salt Effect in Liquid-Liquid Equilibria of Acetic Acid-Water-MIK System

A. Suryanarayana and N. Khan
Dept. of Chemical Engg

Double Metal Catalyst Based Efficient and Economical Production of Biodiesel

Dr Swati P Kolet
Assistant Professor of Applied Chemistry
International Institute of Information
Technology, Hinjawadi, Pune, India

Dr Prabhakar Ingle
Senior Principal Scientist and Head,
Publication and Science Communication
CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India

2-Octanol / 2 -Octanone Valorisation: A Bio Based Platform to Key Chemicals

Dr Arvind S. More
Senior Manager - Research and Development
Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd

Dr Subhash V. Udeshi
Director (Technical)
Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd

Cooling System and Petrochemical Industry

Pranjal Kumar Phukan
Chief Manager
Dibrugarh, Assam

Thermal Design Aspects of Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger

Subodh Kumar
Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited

Tamagna Ghosh
Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited

Roseleen Ahmed
Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited

Process Monitoring Solutions for Boiler-Feed and Cooling Water Streams in Power Plants

Ritesh N Vyas
Product Manager - Applikon &
Electrochemistry Division
Metrohm India Limited

Water Level Gauges for Process Control in the Steam Power Industry

C N Shukla
Training & Development Consultant
Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd

Procurement Transformation Roadmap

B P Singhal
Head of Projects & Purchase
India Glycols Ltd

Integrated Engineering, Operations and Asset Management are Vital for Chemical Industries

Valentijn de Leeuw
Vice President
ARC Advisory Group, Europe

Effective Risk Mitigation Strategies for Projects

Shailesh Dhume
Principal Consultant
Infuse Consulting

Modularization of Onshore Plants

Karthik Nurani
Deputy General Manager, Projects
Aker Solutions

Think You’ve Got a Lot of Data? Think Again!

Damien Munroe
General Manager
Control Station EMEA, Roscrea, Ireland

3D Printing in Biomedical Applications

Ridhish Kumar
Undergraduate Student, Department of
Chemical Engineering
BITS Pilani Goa
Arijit Chakraborty
Undergraduate Student, Department of
Chemical Engineering
BITS Pilani Goa

Anupam Mukherjee
PhD Candidate, Department of
Chemical Engineering
BITS Pilani Goa

Prabhash Dadhich
Research Fellow
Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative
Medicine, USA

Anirban Roy
Assistant Professor, Department of
Chemical Engineering
BITS Pilani Goa

Are M & As Shaping the New Road Map for Chemical Industry?

Viejay Bhatia
AVA Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

Chemical Sector in Gujarat : Increasing Focus on Green Technology Towards Environment Protection

Dr. Jaimin Vasa
President - Gujarat Chemical Association
Sr. Vice President - Gujarat Chamber of
Commerce and Industry

A New Generation Sealing - Bringing the Best of Subsea to the Surface

Nils Christian Mathisen
General Manager

Ammonia Production can be More Smart, Safe & Profitable

Merethe Kjul Hoffmann
Technology Marketing Manager, MSc
Haldor Topsoe

Advances in Welding Consumables for Petrochemical Sector

Aniruddha Vilekar
Chief Technical Officer & Head Marketing
Ador Welding Limited

Value Addition by Recovery of Organic in Effluent Stream and Subsequent Reduction in Effluent Load

Chandrakant Mahalingam
Asst. G.M Special projects (Project Execution)
Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals
Corporation Ltd

Kiran Gole
Asst. G.M Special projects (Process Engg)
Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals
Corporation Ltd

Industry 4.0 and IIOT, Its Impact on the Industrial Scenario

Sugata Bandyopadhyay
Discipline Head (Instrumentation &
Automation) & Consultant
Tata Consulting Engineers Limited

Process Monitoring Solutions for Chlor-Alkali Industry

Ritesh N. Vyas
Product Manager (Asst.) for Electrochemistry
Metrohm India Limited

Differential Approach in Execution of Mega Projects

Parthasarathi Chatterjee
Vice President
L & T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited

Failure of Double Wall Jacketed Piping in Refineries: Causes and Prevention

S Chidambaram
Officer Inspection and Metallurgy
Inspection Department
Numaligarh Refinery Limited

Concept of Integrated Technologies in Wastewater Treatment

Dr. Nivedita Sahu
Sr. Scientist

CSIR-Indian Institute
of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad

S. Sridhar
Principal Scientist and Project leader
Membrane Separations Laboratory,
Chemical Engineering Division
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical
Technology, Hyderabad

Water Management Using Membranes: Forward Osmosisand Pressure Retarded Osmosis as Technologies of Future

Arijit Chakraborty
Department of Chemical Engineering
BITS Pilani Goa

Ridhish Kumar
Department of Chemical Engineering
BITS Pilani Goa

Anirban Roy
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
BITS Pilani Goa

A Roadmap to Unlock Future Growth Opportunities of Plastic Processing Sector in North East India

Subodh Kumar
Deputy Manager, BCPL

Tamagna Ghosh
Deputy Manager, BCPL

Roseleen Ahmed
Deputy Manager, BCPL

Growth and Opportunities in Plastic Industry of India

Arvind Mehta
Chairman & Managing Director
Welset Plast Extrusions Pvt. Ltd

Ecological Sustainability for Economic Upliftment

Sudhir Shenoy
Dow India

India to become the Global Manufacturing Hub for Specialty Chemicals

Viejay Bhatia
AVA Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

Effective Condensate & Flash Steam Recovery in the Chemical Industries

Narayan A Korde
Head - Energy Audit & Consultancy
Pennant Engg Pvt Ltd

Expert Alarm Management and Guidance System Trends Harnessing Newest Technology Introduction

K. Jayaprakash
Discipline Head (C& I)
Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd

Design of Experiments Improves Peptide Bond Yield from 20 to 76 Percent

Dr. Palwinder Singh
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Guru Nanak Dev University

Dr. Bhatti
Assistant Professor, Department of Botanical
and Environmental Sciences
Guru Nanak Dev University

Waste Control in Downstream Industry

B P Singhal
Head of Projects & Purchase
India Glycols Ltd

Equipments and the Chemical Process Industry

Mr N. Radia
COO-Soda Ash Operations,

Sulfur Plant Management in a Petroleum Refinery

Debopam Chaudhuri
Process Design Engineer
Fluor Daniel India Pvt Ltd

Srinivasa Oruganti
Department Manager - Process
Fluor Daniel India Pvt Ltd

Hexane as a byproduct of Isomerization Unit using a Top Dividing Wall Column

Kondapalli Shreya Chaudhary
Chemical Engineer
Petroleum Corporation Limited
Mumbai Refinery, India

Prateek A. Shanware
Chemical Engineer
Petroleum Corporation Limited
Mumbai Refinery, India

Wireless Network: The Next Generation Communication Methods of Field Instruments

Sugata Bandyopadhyay
Consultant (Instrumentation & Control ) at
TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd.

C. Sailaja
General Manager (Instrumentation & Control)
TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd.

Thermal Energy Storage with Phase Change Materials

Kapil Gulati
Research Scholar,
Chemistry Department,
Kurukshetra University

Sohan lal
Assistant Professor,
Chemistry Department,
Kurukshetra University

Sanjiv Arora
Professor and Chairman
Chemistry Department,
Kurukshetra University

Developing Trends & Technologies in Petrochemicals and Plastics

Pranjal Kumar Phukan
Senior Manager (C & P)
Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited.

Renaissance of Petrochemical sector in NE India through RP

Deputy General Manager, BCPL

Deputy General Manager, BCPL

Deputy Manager, BCPL

Deputy Manager, BCPL

Smart Refineries - A Move into the Future

Mahesh Kendurkar
Engineering Manager
Aker Solutions

Experience of Carbon Steel in Petroleum Refinery Asset Integrity Approach

Chidambaram Subramanian
Officer Grade A
(Metallurgy & Inspection)
Inspection Department

Excel® Rejuvenation: DHT Unit Case Study with Asian Refiner

Michael Martinez
Global HPC Technical Manager
Porocel Industries, LLC

Guillaume Vincent
HPC Business Segment
Manager Catalyst Recovery
Europe S.A.

Machine Learning - a holy grail in the next generation industrial automation revolution .

Michael Brooks
Senior Director
APM Business Consulting

Sunil Patil
Director of Business Consulting
Asia Pacific

Challenges in Design and Engineering of Electric Heaters

Ritabrata Pramanik
Mechanical Engineering
Fluor Daniel India Pvt. Ltd.
Srinath NR
Mechanical Engineering
Fluor Daniel India Pvt. Ltd.

Technological Innovations in Coatings for Combating Corrosion

Mr. Shrikant M. Naik
Chief Manager - Technology
Asian Paints Limited
Dr. Suman Mitra
Lead Researcher
Asian Paints Limited

ICDA Successfully Applied for a Piggable Refined Product Pipeline

Ashish Khera, P. Eng
NACE Instructor
– Direct Assessment
Allied Engineers,
New Delhi, India
Bidyut B. Baniah
Allied Engineers,
New Delhi, India

ElcoMaster® Data Management Software for Ultrasonic NDT Applications

John Fletcher
Technical Support Manager,
Elcometer, President
of the Institute
of Corrosion (November 2016)
Chairman, ASTM D01 Main
Committee on Paint
Chairman of ASTM sub-committee
D01.23 Physical Tests for Paints.

Advances in Subsea Integrity and Technology

Justin Daarud
President, Americas
Operations Manager
Asset Integrity &
Development Solutions

Hygienic Drying in a Vacuum- Spherical Dryer for API Production.

Lars Voges
Sales Director
Business Line Filtration &
Drying Europe

Use of Centrifugal Pumps with Difficult Pumping Media

Frank Bungartz
Paul Bungartz Gmbh
& CO. KG
Düsseldorf, Germany

The Right Formula for Emission Reductions

Arne Berndt
SoundPLAN GmbH and
SoundPLAN International LLC.

Technology Selection for a Chemical Process

Abhijit Kharote
AGM – Process Engineering,
Ingenero Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd
Shardul Shindadkar
Sr. Executive-Sales, Marketing
& Business Development,
Ingenero Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd.

Understanding your Company’s Stages of Maturity

Sharad Mittal
Business Partner
Competitive Capabilities

Watson -Marlow provides Dynamic Dosing Operations and Maintenance Savings to Tissue Manufacturer

- Joanne LucasGroup Marketing PR Coordinator Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Sizing and Selecting the Proper Metering Pump

- Tom O’Donnell,Director - Business Development Neptune Chemical Pump Company & PSG
- Ravi Prasad, Director of Sales, PSG India

Alarm Management is A Continual Process

- Mr. Ulhas DeshpandeBusiness Leader, Projects & Automation Solutions (PAS),Honeywell Process Solutions, India

CLPM: Delivering on the Promise of Plant-wide Optimisation

- Don Wilkey, Managing Director - Daesim Technologies Pty Ltd
- Damien Munroe, General Manager, Control Station Limited -Roscrea, Ireland

Alarm Management-A Challenge

- Vivek Gupta General Manager & Head - Instruments DCM Shriram Ltd

Excel Rejuvenation Restores Regenerated HPC Activity to Near Fresh

-Michael Martinez, Global HPC Technical Service Porocel Industries, LLC

Process Safety Management: Going Beyond Functional Safety, Part 1

-Dr Martin A Turk, Schneider Electric

Improving Energy Efficiency of the Ammonia Production Process

- Nilesh Mangukia, Linde Engineering India

Unlocking Profitable Biofuel Opportunities with Process Simulation

-Sunil Patil, Business Consulting Director APAC, AspenTech


-BAL KISHAN Sharma, Manager- Instrumentation, IOCL, Gujarat Refinery

Digitalisation Playing A Major Role In The Process Industries

- Mohan Gawande, Manager, Chemical Group, Sandvik Materials Technology

Combating the Effects of Corrosion in Refineries with Duplex Stainless Steels

- Thirumalai Kumar Process Automation Promoter - Southern Region, Siemens Ltd

Taking the Pain Out of Requirements Management and Traceability

- Adrian Park, Business Development Manager, Process, Power & Marine Division, Integraph

Designing Cooling Water Return Lines Appropriately

- Vipin Deshpande, Deputy Engineering Manager, Aker Solutions

Automating the Refining Business for a Greener Future

- R K Ghosh, Former Director (Refi neries), IOCL and President, RIL

Making the Right Maintenance Decisions with Intelligent In-Line Sensors

- Stefan van der Wal, Chemical Segment Specialist,Mettler Toledo Process Analytics

Building a Proactive Safety Culture

- Avinash Harde, Assistant Vice President – IMS, HCC Limited

Size of Storage Facilities to Facilitate Refinery Revamp

- Amit Choudhary, Process Design Engineer, Flour Daniel India Pvt Ltd

Integration of HSE Aspects In Engineering Design

– Raj Narkhede, Senior General Manager–Risk Assessment, Aker Solutions

Process Optimisation by Applying Modern Drying Technology

- Andreas Weber, R & D Manager, Ekato Systems

Optimising Production with Ariane

Saving Energy Cost for a Leading Hydrogen Peroxide Manufacturer

- Jiaur Mallick, Application Engineer II, WPS Heavy-West & South Division

Waste Heat Recovery from Refrigeration Systems

- Dr S S VERMA, Department of Physics, SLIET, Sangrur, Punjab

Enhancing Capacity of Existing Column

- Sameer Mehta, Manager - Process, Kevin Enterprises Private Limited

What Unnecessary Risks are You Taking?

- Andy Burns, Technical Business, Manager, Global Heat Transfer

Enhancing Productivity of Plant in Manifold

- Tim Olsen, Refining Consultant, Emerson Process Management

Cooling Water Technology for Fresh Water

Rapid Estimation of Comonomer Content in Polyolefins by FTIR

- Dr G Sivalingam, Assistant Vice President - Technology, Reliance Technology Group - Polymers (RIL)

Developments in Instrumentation Calibration Tools

- Mike Shelton, Product Manager, GE Measurement & Control

Efficient Capacity Control in Reciprocating Compressor

- Puneet Kumar, Associate Design Engineer II, Mechanical Fluor Daniel India Pvt Ltd

Recovering & Reusing Caustic using Membrane Filtration

-Shanti Bhushan, Department - GEA Filtration, GEA Process Engineering A/S

Prof Thorat from ICT to Receive 2012 VASVIK Award

- Professor B N Thorat

The Market with Manifold Opportunities

Dr Raman Ramachandran, Head, South Asia and Chairman, BASF India

Growth at Center-Stage

Rajiv Rao, Sales Director, Basic & Performance Chemicals, Dow India

A New Dawn in Waiting for Water Treatment Chemicals

Tushar Jhaveri, CEO, Vasu Chemicals

Soda Ash Industries: A Victim of Policy Paralysis?

N N Radia, Chief Operating Officer, Soda Ash, GHCL Ltd

Think Global & Act Local

Vinod Saraf, Managing Director, Vinati Organics Ltd

NG – Fuelling Integration of Refining & Petrochemicals

Tanmay Taraphdar, M K E Prasad, Praveen Yadav, Technip KT India

Protecting Integrity of Fired Heaters

Richard D Roberts, Quest Integrity Group, Ashish Khera, Allied Engineers

Bharat Petroleum Corp Limited (BPCL), Mumbai

S S Sunderajan, Executive Director (Mumbai Refinery), BPCL

HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL) aims at catering to the needs of Northern India

Prabh Das, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, HMEL

NRL’s GRM during 2012-13 and 2013-14 were amongst the highest in the industry

P Padmanabhan, Managing Director, NRL

EOL aims at doubling its retail outlets to about 3000 in next 3-4 years

Not a Drop of Oil to the Sea

Ram K Goyal, Risk and Reliability Management, Engineering Service Unit
Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)

Advances in Hydroprocessing Technologies

- Dr Anil Kumar Sinha (Principal Scientist) Head - Hydroprocessing Area, Refining Technology Division, Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun

Maintaining Profits in Low-margin Markets

-Jamie Brunk,Manager - Lube Studies HSB Solomon Associates LLC

Raising the Bar of Indian EPC

- Mittravinda Ranjan

L & T Hydrocarbon: Making the Most of the ‘Spin off’

Krishnamurthi Venkataramanan, CEO and MD, L & T

Breaking Boundaries, Leaping Beyond

- Alwyn Bowden, CEO, Essar Projects Ltd (EPL)

India is yet to Mature as ‘the EPC Market’

- Anil Chanana, COO - Oil & Gas, Leighton India Contractors Pvt Ltd,

Risk Quantification with Extended HAZOP Study

- Rainer Semmler (A notified expert under Art. 29a BImSchG) TÜV SÜD Chemie Service GmbH


Mittravinda Ranjan

Will Bringing Urea under NBS Make the Difference?

Guy Goves, President, Agri Business and Farm Solutions, DFPCL

Corrosion - Tacking Challenge in Indian Fertiliser Industry

V P Sastry & C V Manian, Technical Committee, NACE International Gateway India Section

Hazards of Chemical Process Scale-up

Dr Daren Tee,Consultancy Group, Hazard Evaluation Laboratory
Dr Simon Waldram, Consultancy Group, Hazard Evaluation Laboratory

Who is Responsible for Thermal Design of Heat Exchanger?

Lakshmi Venkatesh, Dy GM - Process, Petrofac Engineering India (Pvt) Ltd

O & M Practices for Sustainable WWTP Operations

Nitin Verma, Environmental & Clean Technologies Expert Spans Envirotech Pvt Ltd

Small STPs: Applications and Advantages

Kannan Pasupathiraj,
Managing Director, EcoTec Engineers and Consultants

Managing Pipeline Scaling

Molly Bragg,
Marketing Associate, Flowrox Inc.

Grooved Advantage in Cross-country Pipework

Pankaj Soni,
Country Manager - India, Victaulic

Opportunities in ME’s Chemical Industry

Vishnu Shankar,
Associate Director & Head, Chemicals, Materials & Foods Practice, Frost & Sullivan

Execution Challenges during Project Life Cycle

E Pramod,
Senior General Manager -Construction, Aker Powergas Pvt Ltd