Gansons Limited
Ashis Banerjee
Managing Director

Buy Gansons And Be At Ease

Mr. Banerjee proudly states that Indians are the most innovative of the lot.

The title is actually in response to the concluding question to Mr. Ashis Banerjee, Managing Director of Gansons - 'Kindly sum up Brand Gansons in five words'. He was quick to respond and quoted one of Gansons' customers in Chennai, "When you buy products from Gansons, you buy peace of mind." Mr. Banerjee seconds this very statement by saying that, "You will not find even single Gansons equipment that has been resold, that is the credibility it carries- it runs for decades, seamlessly". He added, "For us at Gansons, the nugget of information that our existing client gives us is like a gold mine in front of us. They provide us an opportunity to innovate which gives us an impetus to serve them better. So we keep visiting then time and again".

Founded in 1947, Gansons is one of the world's oldest family-owned process equipment manufacturers who have been at the forefront of industrial innovation. Gansons, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, has multiple facilities across India with headquarters in Thane (near Mumbai) and manufacturing facilities in Thane, and two in Nashik.

Gansons has partnered the best in the industry-Hanningfield (UK), Admix (USA ) and Aishin (Japan) to bring home its clients the best in-class solutions for Milling, Mixing and Material transfer technology. They have a global network of agents to support clients from over 30 countries with most of their equipment operational in internationally regulated plants by the USFDA , MHRA, TGA, etc. Gansons has a dedicated team of 20 service engineers for technical support.

Gansons led the development of advanced pharmaceutical process equipment under the leadership of Mr. Ashis Banerjee. To talk about his journey, he completed his schooling in Darjeeling and obtained degree with honors in Chemistry from the University of Mumbai. After only a day, post his graduation, his father Mr. N N Banerjee asked him to join Gansons. He worked on the main factory shop floor and learned basic techniques for years before he rose to the rank he is today at, making him a dynamic leader.

Ashis Banerjee led the development of The GansCoater, a world-class tablet coating system. He drove his team to push past existing standards to strive for product performance and durability at a value that established a new paradigm. Today, Gansons is the leading brand of choice in Granulation, Drying and Coating technology for clients targeting the most critical markets and products.

During our conversation, Mr. Banerjee highlighted few concerns the Indian manufacturers are facing these days no matter how strong and suave they are in their approach towards business. He says, "Indians are more innovative than those from other countries. Top challenges that we are facing is the Indian mentality and their obsession for imported machines. The companies with the biggest regulatory challenges are the ones that bought maximum number of imported machines. Simply because one can afford, one shouldn't buy something which fails to deliver at a later stage."

Mr. Ashis Banerjee believes that Gansons also has gone digital and bought automation to simplify data exchange and embraced the IOT 4 network; developed modules that help improve ROI. When asked about CSR activities, he firmly said, "Today companies perform CSR as it is mandatory by the government. Here, in Gansons, CSR has been a culture way back since Gansons was founded. Scholarships are provided to students who need financial aid for higher education and regularly employ people with excellent academic records from economically weaker sections of the society."

Mr. Banerjee firmly states that, "Gansons' commitment to excellence is built on values of Passion, Perseverance and Perfection and we will continue to strive for more always."